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If you are considering renting an exotic or luxury vehicle for your next trip, you can start by seeing what is available that will match your needs. Sometimes you need a flashy Ferrari, or Lamborghini to rent, and other times something a little more subdued such as a Mercedes or Luxury SUV for transporting other business associates. Click below to see the current vehicles in our fleet.

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newport beach luxury car rental

Newport Beach
Luxury Car Rentals

Luxury vehicles have that name for a reason. Nothing rides smoother or more comfortably than a modern luxury vehicle. If you have never experienced the road in a Rolls Royce or Mercedes we are excited to offer you a luxury rental option from our incredible fleet of luxury cars. Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car is second to none in the industry when it comes to offering you the latest luxury models with affordability and availability. Road trips turn into amazing, relaxing and bonding experiences when you get behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle. Contact our customer service representatives today to learn about the options and schedule your own luxury car rental today here at Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car in Newport Beach.

Rent A Ferrari In Newport Beach

An exotic car rental can be a great fit if you are wanting to impress someone, arrive somewhere in style, or simply jump in one of these amazing exotic vehicles for just the thrill of it. Perhaps you have a special occassion that an exotic car rental from Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car in Newport Beach would be a perfect fit? For some who may be looking for an exotic car to own, rentaing an exotic car can really help you understand what you like or don't like about certain makes or models before you make that big investment. Driving a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, Bugatti, or another exotic car can really get the adrenaline pumping quickly and give you a rush you've never experienced before when driving. If you haven't done this before, now may be the time to check this off your bucket list. We invite you to call us here at our Newport Beach Location and talk to one of our Exotic car rental specialists to see how we migh help you make your dreams come true.

rent a ferrari newport beach
newport beach suv rental

Newport Beach
SUV Rentals

Sometimes an average road trip can become an outstanding memory when you choose to upgrade to a premium SUV car rental. Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car in Newport Beach offers the most extensive premium car rental services for a more affordable price than you may think. Group trips can be hard enough to manage with so many personalities to please, but everyone can agree on the luxurious space and technological benefits associate with our premium SUV selections. Our models are classy enough for the most formal plans and rugged enough for your most exciting excursion plans. For more information about our fleet options and pricing here in Newport Beach, contact our reservation support team specialists. We are ready to help you see how affordable it can be to make your next group trip more comfortable than you ever dreamed possible.

Lamborghini Rental Newport Beach

Some people merely drive and others long for the ultimate adrenaline pumping driving experience. At Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car in Newport Beach we understand those of you who appreciate the power of a Lamborghini. We also know that there are few who can afford to own the latest model of Lamborghini or Ferrari. That is why we created the exotic driving experience so everyone has an opportunity to drive a Lamborghini. Whether you want a Lamborghini for business where you are intending to make an impression few are likely to forget. Perthaps a Lamborghini for a special event or even to just experience the thrill so you can check this off your bucket list. If you would like to know what it feels like to drive the best in exotic design and power it’s time to call us today here at Newport Beach. Those who have been able to rent with us describe it as phenomenal, inspiring and life changing. Everyone needs a way to find their own motivation for working each day. The daily grind can take its toll and moments like this make life worth living. For more information on how to rent a Lamborghini in Newport Beach and availability, connect with our customer support team today.

Lamborghini Rental Newport Beach

Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car is the ultimate destination for luxury and quality. Experience the most breathtaking driving experiences in Newport Beach, Scottsdale, Southern California, Las Vegas, New York and Europe.

These are just a few of the exclusive late-model dream cars we have in our fleet just waiting for you to take them for a spin. Want to impress your business contacts with your exquisite taste in cars? Or, perhaps you have a wedding, or other formal event you would like to make a statement when you arrive. Arrive with prestige. These are also fun to give a spouse who has everything an unforgettable anniversary or birthday present. Whatever your wish, we have the car and the experience.

If you are looking for a luxury car rental in Newport Beach, LAX, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Scottsdale Arizona, or even Europe, we have locations there as well where you can rent an exotic sports car or luxury vehicle.

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